Answering More Common Homebuyer Questions

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Here’s part two of our series where we answer common home buying questions.

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Welcome back to part two of our list of answers to common homebuyer questions! If you haven’t yet seen part one of the series, click here to watch.

Feel free to follow along with our conversation in the video above, or else use the timestamps below to navigate the discussion at your leisure:

0:39—Should you buy a resale home or a new construction home?

1:57—What does MUD mean?

2:27—What appliances come with the house?

3:09—How do you know if something is wrong with the house you’re buying?

4:20—Do you need to get a title policy?

5:17—Are earnest money and option money two separate checks?

6:07—Do you need homeowners insurance?

6:42—How much does insurance cost?

7:15—Why are the sellers asking for so much more than the tax appraisal value?

Hopefully, this video helped to answer some of your home buying questions! If you’d like more in-depth answers to your questions or would like an overview of the whole home buying process, visit and add your name to the list so that we can notify you when we host our next free, live Q&A session for first-time homebuyers.

As always, if you ever have any questions about real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.

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