Why join the Gregory Group?

Our mission is to elevate lives through real estate. The team exists to serve our agents and provide a values driven environment for our teammates to thrive.

What are our values?


We like working with people who do what they say they will do when they say they will do it.  We keep the motivations of our clients and teammates as top priorities, knowing that by focusing on helping others, we will be rewarded.  Come from contribution.


Real estate is an incredibly rewarding and deep career. We intentionally create opportunities to learn new things, and we continually push ourselves out of our comfort zone in order to become better agents, teammates, and leaders. Your business grows to the extent that you do.


Time is the most valuable resource any of us have - it’s the only thing we cannot create more of. We also know that successful people are goal-oriented and accountability driven, so no matter what your goals are, we will help get you there. Twice a week, we have 1-on-1 meetings to keep you on track and moving forward. You can have reasons or results, and you can’t have both.


Have you heard the saying, “you’re the average of the five people you surround yourself with”? When you join the Gregory Group, you join a winning team - we have won the prestigious Platinum Top50 award four years in a row. We work as a team, we learn as a team, and we  grow as a team to help everyone achieve their dreams.

What do you get?

Focused Training

When you join Gregory Group, we put you through our intensive 12-week training program to get you into production as quickly as possible.

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Personal Coaching

Daily script practice sessions, weekly accountability meetings, and weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions keep you moving forward toward your goals

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Websites, business cards, social media ads, signs, flyers - we handle it all. This frees your time up to handle the things that truly matter: your clients.

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Our Operations team streamlines the real estate experience for our agents and our clients, all while providing a 5-star service experience.

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Yes, there's more.


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    We are Gregory Group Real Estate!

    Based in beautiful Austin, TX, we are four time winners of the prestigous Platinum Top50 award, and Plantinum producers here at Keller Williams #1 office worldwide. We (mostly) love dogs, coffee, candy, and long runs around Lady Bird Lake.