The Difference Between a 20-Year and a 30-Year Roof

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When you get a new roof, it will typically be a 20- or 30-year roof. Here’s what that means.

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I was recently joined by Shea Downs from Capital City Roofing to talk about the difference between a 20-year roof and a 30-year roof.

When a roofer refers to a 20-year roof or a 30-year roof, they’re referring to the manufacturer’s warranty on that roof. What’s important to know about this is the warranty provided by the manufacturer only covers manufacturing defects in the roof and doesn’t give a lot of information about how long the roof will actually last. Typically, a roof with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty has a life expectancy closer to 15 years, and a 30-year roof has more of a life expectancy close to 25 years.

If you’re talking to someone about replacing your roof, it’s more important to know about the roofer’s warranty. Every company will give you a warranty based on their workmanship and that’s the warranty you’re more likely to use in case of a leak or something.

The roofer’s warranty is the one you really need to know about.

If there is something that isn’t installed properly, the roofer’s warranty will typically take care of that and replace it. If you have a leak during your warranty period or there’s some other issue, Shea and his team work with the manufacturer to get it resolved or replace it themselves.

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